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A photography exhibition at Humdingers resturant in Palmer, Alaska.

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Metal Disorder

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Fine art prints ordered through the website are printed on Luster photo paper to ensure a beautiful print with excellent archival qualities. All prints from the Exhibition and Fine Art Galleries have my signature in the lower right corner.

Photographic standards:
All prints are made to match a stunning moment in nature and my experience when I captured the image. The digital darkroom is utilized to optimize the prints and to compensate for the limitations of film and digital capture. None of the images are composites nor have they been altered beyond my experience. To compensate for the limitations of film and digital capture, I occasionally uses photographic filters, HDR techniques, or stitch several images together to create panoramic images.

Environmental promise:
In the field I respect my surroundings and make every effort to leave nature as I found it, and take outmost care to avoid disturbing the wild creatures that appears in my images. Images of wild animals are taken in their natural environment. I don't photograph animals in zoo's, game farms, or other controlled environments. The only exception are animals temporarily captured by biologists for research purposes or injured animals in rehabilitation. Such images are labeled with "Captive".

Custom sizes and printing methods:
All sizes listed are the print size. Some images have different proportions than those of the photographic paper and might require cropping during the ordering process. Please contact me, if you desire a different size than what is available or a different printing method such as Glicee prints on canvas. I'll be happy to create a customized print for you.

Print Handling:
Photographic prints are fragile and require special care in handling and framing.
1. Ready to hang products such as Edge prints and Thin Wraps ordered through the website has been treated with a protective coating or laminate to protect the print.
2. We suggest using a framer that has experience with photographic prints, to ensure your satisfaction and to protect the value of your purchase.
3. We strongly recommend using archival quality materials in the framing process to prevent pre-mature degradation of the photograph.
4. Prints might scratch or wrinkle if not handled carefully. Keep them packaged until framing can be done.